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05-04-2012, 02:10 PM
If you're seeking to see what sets look like on it, hang around DS9. I saw pretty much every set on the Atrox around there yesterday. I personally think it looks nice with Aegis, MACO, and Borg without shield. I don't think I saw any with Omega, though.

Set abilities wise, based on my experience with the very similar (but free) Vo'Quv:
Borg 3 price set with Maco or Aegis shields for tanking.
Aegis set if you're a Sci captain, but avoid with Eng or Tac captains.
Omega shields are interesting, gives a nice boost of speed and turnrate whenever you get hit. I don't have the 3 piece to try, but it could be a fun set.
Looking at full Maco set, I don't think it'd work that great on a carrier. The Klingon Honor Guard set has specific enhancements for carriers that the Maco lacks.