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05-04-2012, 02:21 PM
Personally, having gathered more and more 'Road to 2409' datachips, I'm leaning towards the opinion that the Klingons are actually right. I wouldn't be surprised if the President of the Federation, or a sizeable chunk of the Council, turns out to be Undine infiltrators, going out of their way to break up the Fed/Klingon alliance to soften up the quadrant (the Klingons go Undine hunting, and that's when the Feds start denouncing them? Suspicious if you ask me). Since we will presumably be getting some Iconian themed missions soon, that seems like the perfect opportunity for something of a resolution to the Undine storyline as well, since SPOILERS (highlight to read) the Undine are only invading because it appears the Iconians have tricked them into believing that the Alpha Quadrant races are trying to invade Fluidic Space. END SPOILERS

If the Iconian missions begin by revealing the extent of the Undine infiltration, and allowing the Federation and Klingons to work together to stop it, then we can have a united front again against the Iconians. And you wouldn't have to go and change all the random encounters where you fight Klingons, say they're a house opposed to the peace treaty, or pirates, or mercenaries. Just because the governments start talking to each other again, doesn't mean every starship captain has to like it.