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05-04-2012, 07:33 PM
Originally Posted by rdm1958
i originaly posted here just to let everyone know i like the odyssey ships. i really was not familiar with the atrox, so i took a look last night. i love the way it looks, but was disappointed with the hull strength and number of weapons slots.

i saw pleny of the atrox ships in pve last night and did well on missions with them. i was trying a new set up on my odyssey science....did pretty good.

i need to check with owners of the atrox to see if they are happy with it. i have to admit i really want it, but what ship to discharge? i'm getting down to favorites and too cheap to buy anymore slots.
Technically both ships have the same number of weapon slots. It's just that with the Atrox, two of those slots are hangars. And those hangars can put out a bunch of fighters....