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05-05-2012, 12:24 AM
More usage for extra officers. Like with certain ship types, you have your officers in their normal stations, but say with a carrier you would have 2 extra "stations", squadron A and squadron B. A bridge officer assigned to one of those stations would bring their abilities to squadrons launched from the corresponding bay. Or for multi-vectored ships, you could assign a different commander for each section, and they would bring their abilities to it when you separate. Artificial stupidity would prevent OPness, while still allowing customization.
The ability to designate one ship from your shipyard as the one that shows up when fleet support is used, and set a captain for it along with officers for all stations.
Also more space passives. As it stands now there's liberated Borg, and Saurian/Lethean for efficient. Considering that for most people ground is probably an afterthought, and for those that do play it it's STFs which don't use bridge officers, special officers like Breen or Jem'hadar aren't worth as much for alot of people. Can't Vulcans be efficient, or especially androids. Maybe Caitans could be elusive since they have cat-like reflexes. Even a ferengi passive that increases quantity and/or quality of loot drops would be something. Maybe tie it to officer stations/department heads. A bridge officer with warp theorist might only give the passive if seated at the highest level engineering console and head of engineering. A human could give their leadership bonus, but only as first officer. Etc.
And maybe something on a scale similar to or larger than the Defera invasion, where players can all bring a full away team and fight a ground war together.