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05-05-2012, 01:41 AM
OK, My turn.

So i have been doing STFs for a few months now, pretty well geared and knows all the tactics. this new guy in my fleet comes up through the ranks and wants to try an STF. I offer to escort him, because we are cool like that. Managed to get one more fleetmate in on it, but we have to pug the last two.

Dear god, was that mistake...

So, we spwan, me in my RSV, my green fleetmate in a Fleet escort, and my other fleet mate in a new Catian Carrier. Our Pugs was a DSSV and a Klingon Carrier. We were doing Infected space elite, so he can learn. WE went over the basic tactics with him before we queued, 10% rule and everything.

We waste the first cube easy, so i rush in and start debuffing the left cube over the transformer. it goes down within 30 seconds. After it pops, i send out a confrimation hails saying "10% rule, Everyone." hoping that it would remind some people about it. I get an enthusiastic hail from the new guy and no one else. Oh well, it happens.

I park on the front left generator and start peeling away at it. The klink carrier rolls up and starts to wail away on the one I was working on, leaving the fore right one untouched. Whatever, I roll over to the over generator and start to hit on it. I just got there, I only have it at 80% when i glance over my shoulder to see the klink carrier was still firing on a almost dead generator.

"{Players name} CEASE FIRE!!!"

And out comes the spheres -___-

OK, no big deal. mistakes happen. We all charge in and start mopping up the mess. Grav well and tractors everywhere. it was a mess. Sadly, one of the Nanites heals the transformer. Oh well, Optional lost. I'm not mad. It happens and it was a sticky situation. So we clean up the mess and take down the transformer. I type out. "It's ok guys. Lets just make sure that doesn't happen again." No response.

Second verse.. just like the first, but a little bit louder and a little bit worse.... Again, the Klink carrier pops early, even after i was yelling at him to stop firing at 25% health. We pop the generators all un even so it was a a messy stream of spheres and probes, a few people die and respawn and come back in the fight.

Except the klink... He was sitting out in the respawn point, at 33.7 km out from the combat. not moving, not taking damage nothing. He was sitting there for a full minute. It does NOT take that long to heal damage. We take out half the spheres without his help.

"Oi! you honorless targ! Get your *** back into combat!"

No Response. Finally after the tac cube spawns he jumps into the fray.

I don't mind mistakes in STFs, i made a few of them myself. Heck, one of my favorite STFs was where we FAILED the optional, but we picked ourselves back up and kicked ever loving ***. But when you make a mistake, and then do NOTHING to correct it, that is when I get ****ed.