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05-05-2012, 04:15 AM
I like the Odyssey design, as it evolves previous designs and blends them together pretty well.

The Odyssey is a beast if equipped correctly, and also with the right BO. I stay alive longer in my Odyssey than any other ships.

Now the Atrox carrier looks like a racing car of the future. It's easily the best looking ship in STO. It handles pretty well, and the fighters that comes with it as standrard are not too shabby either. I equipped mine with 5x purple AP beams, and one purple Quantum torp in front. Also using the Aegis set.

It's seems to be able to hold it's own pretty good in Borg DSE, not to mention PVE.

All in all the Odyssey and then Atrox carrier are very good ships in their own right, and both are good looking ships IMO.