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05-05-2012, 06:21 AM
Greetings friend

My name is Costa from Deep Space Force Fleets.
We have now 2 fleets : Deep Space Task Force and Deep Space Elite Force.
Two more to come : very soon, one for Klingons and other one in a matter of weeks or month/s

Our recruitment message :
+ if you like playing Star Trek online, alone or maybe sometimes playing with others, in a team

+ if you need answers for your questions, or just need a well-known people to chat

+ if sometimes happened to need an item and don t have the means/EC to obtain him

+ if you need to be part of a group, maybe a group of friends

+ if want to be part of a fleet with no fees or taxes, we have a self-sustained fleet bank

+ if you can speak English

+ if you like the idea to be rewarded with special items when participating with other members on fleet actions

+ if you like our blog:

+ if you like our Youtube:

+ if you like our Facebook:

Then, we will be happy and glad to receive your join request on one of our fleets

You can join us by:
+ message to CostaHD@costahd
+ email me to @costahd
+ post on this post
+ posting a request on or

thank you,
Fleet Admiral