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# 14 Carrier Pet Overview.
05-05-2012, 10:00 AM
The following is a Comparitive between pets and their useefulness based on what I have either witnessed first hand, or own my self.

For the Vor'quv, the B'rel Bird of Prey and it's Advanced cousin the B'rotlh Bird of Prey are power houses compared to the To'duj in that they do more up front damage with their Disruptior Dual Cannons and their Photon Torps (B'rel) or Quantums (B'rotlh) Rapid Fire and High Yield. Unfortunately you can only spawn a Max of 2 Per hanger making it a total of 4 if you are using one of each in your hangers. They also battle cloak which gives them versitility in that they get a damage boost once they de-cloak.

The To'duj and Advanced versions are better for a Confusion based damage. Meaning that there are more of them and in this case quanity can some times out perform quality. How ever they are fragile and will die to short term Faw abuse or Tractor Beam Repulsors. Their Advanced Cousins how ever can withstand abit more beating.

If you unlocked the Kar'fi (Or used your VA Token to be able to use it) the S'kul fighters are nice for their suicide raming speed. They can impact almost as hard as a Torpedo. The Advanced S'kul fighters will do more damage with their Raming speed 2 how ever they may lose their Antiproton Dual Cannons (Tool Tip is wierd here) once again, like the To'duj they are squishy and will die eaisly with the Advanced Versions lasting longer and being more durable.

Power Siphon Drones are great at their job. Though now that they are resisted they should no longer shut down an enemy ship with out help from Target Subsystem attacks, Tyken's Rift, Energy Siphon, Power Leech (if you have that console) And the like. They are squishy so they won't hold up long to most energy weapon fire, or Torpedo spreads. Their Advanced cousins how ever can last abit longer vs energy weapons, and I believe have more hull then the average Siphon Drone so they can take a beating. But the addition of Deflector shields is a nice touch.

For the Atrox Carrier, being the newest addition to the C-store and the federation's line of defense their pets can almost be as staggering, where the KDF relies on brute force, the Federation is more about it's subtle abiltiies, in some cases those abilities are better then many of the KDF pets. (Unless other wise Noted, all pets have Phaser energy weaponry)

The new Stalker fighters that come with the Atrox Carrier are intersting. Something of a Mix between To'duj and Bird of Prey. They have Tetryon Pulse cannons, which have a small chance to proc shield damage. They have an MES to give them almost a stealth deployment, and they have a new addition to the Pet line, a Thoron Device. Which can drain an enemy targets Aux and even take it off line. And if it does that it can also Jam that target's Sensors. Great for fighting against other Carriers! While the Advanced version comes with an Anti-proton Sweep. Similar to the one that the Jem'hadar 3 Peice Set provides, it can damage shields in the cone infront of it and even decloak enemy ships if they get caught in it. You launch 3 of these each hanger slot.

Not to be out done by the KDF, you can also equip Peregrine Fighters, which are nearly identical to the To'duj in ability, and weapon load out, having Phasers instead of Disruptors.

The Type 8 and Type 10 shuttles are.. An oddity. The Type 8 shuttles really don't do anything more then fire a Phaser beam. While the Type 10 come with A Polarized Hull. The only thing, in my opinion, I could see the usefullness of the Type 8's is as distraction, while the Type 10 might be useful vs opponents that use alot of Tractor Repulsors.*

The Danube and Advanced Danubes are quickly becoming the most ANNOYING of the pets thus far. Equipped with their Tractor beams and their Advanced versions coming with Chronoton Torpedoes, these things are quickly becoming VERY Popular in PVP.

Not to be out done, the Delta Flyer and Advanced Delta Flyer comes equipped with Tachyon Beams. The normal Delta Flyers have Micro Photon Torps, but their Advanced versions come with Transphasic Torpedos. Which is a nice touch with their ability to weaken shields.

All Carriers Can also equip the Hull repair drones which may be squshy, but if you can get them out even for a second on either your self, or a target friendly, can almost fully heal that person's shields in an instant. Making their Reinforced Counterpart that much more useful since they last longer and can take a beating longer.\

*Perhaps they should give the Type 8's FAW and the Type 10's FAW and Polarized Hull 1? That would make them excelent Mine eliminators!