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One thing I've seen that always makes me shake my head, is how some players deploy their pets.

For A rule of thumb, if it's a pet that is a squishy pet with no ways of hiding its' self. Or it's abilities are something that happens once it reaches it's target (Siphon Pods, and Shield repair Drones) some times it's best NOT to deploy them till you are close to your target, similar to Boarding Parties.

For example, if you have Advanced Danube and Stalker fighters, you can probobly deploy the Stalkers early, since they have MES. But you might want to wait on the Danubes until your around 4km from a called target, then Deploy the Danubes so they can engage their tractor beams and lock on the target and hold them fast for burst spikes.

Mean while the Bird of Prey Pets can be delpoyed as early as possible since they cloak, and have LONG cool downs compared to other pets. And they are the most durable of the Pet line.

When it comes to Shield Repair Drones, If I'm going to use them on some one else I try to get with in 2km or Closer. That way you know that their Heal beam should be able to give them some cover, provided there isn't so much AOE fire and AOE spam that it kills them first.

If your on the Fed side and your facing another enemy Carrier, try to go with Stalkers and perhaps Danubes. Danube Tractor beams can hold the Carrier in place, while the Stalkers shut down his/her Aux systems preventing both heals, and pet deployments. Targeting their Aux is also a good Idea if you have beams. Meanwhile on the KDF side BoPs/Tod'uj/S'kul Fighters, and Siphon Pods may be the way to go.

Everyone's play style is their own. And each pet has it's own style to go with the build you are using. My suggestions and Ideas may not work for everyone. Especially where team play is concerned.