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05-05-2012, 02:54 PM
Weapon drain/Cap/Limit has always been an issue in this game. Its either working as intended, its not working as intended, it's inaccurate, or its inconsistent. Hard Cap removed, Hard Cap back in place.

Last time i checked all weapons had a cap of 125 except for beam arrays, which doesnt seem to drain any power from '135' until you used 3 beam arrays firing at once which would be;

125(Actually 135 if you use the right consoles and skillpoints) power level:
First beam array firing free, 125
Second beam array firing, -10. Expecting drop from 125 to 115, but no drop observed.
Third beam array firing, -10. Expecting drop from 115 to 105, but the drain is only 115 on this point where it should be 105.

Dont know about it now, last time I checked was a couple of months ago. But this game and weaponpower/drain, its just ludicrous. You would almost think they don't even know how they programmed it themselves.

to make matters worse it seems every new patch they affect another part of the system and so on...