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05-05-2012, 04:59 PM
Originally Posted by USS_Ultimatum
I can't check in-game, and I keep forgetting to, but is APB 3 actually -50% resistance or is it -50 resistance?

What I mean is, in the same way that a Neutronium MK XI Rare isn't +18% resistance and is instead +18 resistance which then gets calculated as part of your total resistance bonus* to give us the percentage we see in game - does APB simply subtract from the target's resistance bonus total, or does it actual reduce the target's resistance by a straight percentage?

*Resistance = 1 (1 / (1 + Total Resist Bonus)
It's -50 all resists, not 50% off current target resist levels.. this makes AP-Beta3 a damage multiplier once total resists drop below zero. So, if the target has Neutronium Hull Armor Mk XI with +18 resists and gets hit with AP-Beta3, then the target's total resists drop to -32, increasing damage taken by 32% while AP-Beta3 is active.