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05-05-2012, 08:47 PM
Originally Posted by carmenara
Tricobalt warheads aren't a lot of use breaking tractor locks or doing anything useful at all unless you know how to coordinate with a team in them.

Basically how they can be effective is if an entire team uses HY3 TCD torpedoes and fire them simultaneously at something in the hope of getting a very lucky 1.6 million critical hit. I don't believe TCD torpedoes are capable of using spreads either. They're about as useful and effective as world war two torpedoes (which means a lot need to be fired at once to get that magic critical.)

Individually their reload rate is too low and the damage too small to make any difference. It's not that hard to get 9K damage off a normal torpedo spread and normal torpedoes go out the launchers much, much faster than TCDs.

What I do find worthwhile on a 'fast battlecruiser' type build is a TCD mine. Those mean little buggers can do 26-52k damage if you remember to hit the buffs before dropping them say, as you veer away from the attack run like a Nuck Chorris roundhouse kick to finish the job with.

As for breaking tractor lock, the new patch makes it possible to evade tractor beams using Inertial Dampers, or otherwise it's compulsory for all serious ESTF builds to bring PH1 or Attack Pattern Omega, anyway.
They can use spreads...the spread however is more like fire two, three, or four torpedoes (depending on what version of the skill you are using) at four targets instead of the 16+ torpedo vomit you usually see.