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05-05-2012, 09:08 PM
Unless said beam boat is a Bortas. One of the cruisers and science vessels problems is the lack of Tactical consoles. Your Star Cruiser only had 2 consoles if I'm correct, and my Recon vessel is limited to 3 tac consoles.

Meanwhile my Bortas is blessed with 4 Tactical consoles which boosted the damage of my Disruptor beams and my Beam Overload. I remember timing a BO just right until a cubes shield dropped (In Infected Space Elite) uncloaking the behemoth of a ship and shooting my sole Dual Beam Bank and pulling off a 25k Critical hit.

As for my Raptor, I took off a turret and put on an aft beam array and replaced HY1 with BO1 on my Ensign tac. It was a good move on my part due to the extra damage while I am turning to set up attack runs and due to a parting BO1 shot as I turn away.