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05-05-2012, 09:10 PM
Yep, BO3s are awesome alright. As you recall I was quite surprised when my wee lil destroyer managed to pop a tactical cube surprisingly quick using the "Parthian shot" technique. (in plain language, BO3 the rear phaser as you turn away)

I happen to like using a single DBB as a 'sniper cannon' for long range work or to slice open shields like the belly of a roasted targ. On escorts and raiders there are plenty of tac boff slots to play with anyway.

I have a new trick up my sleeve, it's called using Technician doffs and Aux Power to Batt to cycle the cooldown on a cruiser's limited tac skills in such a way it just spams everything it has JJverse style. Precision fire skills like BO are also more desirable than BFaW because in actual combat precision high damage fire is more desirable than things that go everywhere except the thing you hit.

So thanks for the discussion, I will go update my favourite high speed raiding cruiser build (hint - not star cruiser) now