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05-05-2012, 10:51 PM
Originally Posted by bkel1977 View Post
This is a definate bug. I have been running with continuous full power to shields and weapons rotating EPTS and EPTW.

This has worked well and when I initially setup to run like this (a few months ago), I did extensive testing to make sure the power levels stayed up.

And yesterday I noticed they weren't.

Absolutely no changes to my setup, and plenty of other people have noticed this.

If it's a bug, please fix it as soon as possible, if it's a nerf, you'll burn in hell for this! It is definately one or the other.

Since it has been days and days with no resolution or response, we can only assume it is working as intended. I tested this on my Dragon and my Cruiser last night. It's a definite problem, and a deal breaker. Those ship types were already so crippled they barely performed satisfactorily AFTER extensive respeccing and rebuilding. They have now been made utterly, utterly worthless.

If Cryptic is demanding that everyone pilot nothing but escorts, why not just say so? Why all this under the table stealth nerfing?