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05-06-2012, 11:01 AM
in what situations do you have frame drops, any specific maps / locations?

how severe?

did you watch your GPU load with Aida64 overlay on?

i have pretty bad framedrops in certain maps when i look in certain directions, completely unrelated to what is happening on screen,
an empty space map can give me a drop from 60 to 30 FPS (Vsync ON), turning the camera a bit to the left or right will give me 60 FPS instantly...

it's always the same locations in the same maps 100% reproducable.

it is very noticable that on these occasions my GPU load drops from 99% to 50%

if i deactivate some shader options or press Alt F12 to hide the UI i get the 60 FPS and 99% gpu load back too...

so my guess is that this is either some softare hickup of STO, or that there is some threshold in the Vsync code that says... in situation X throttle down to 30FPS

hunting this error for months now and i am at the point where i think about throwing more expensive hardware at the problem.

the joke is i do not have this problem with DirectX 11 active,
but with DX11 the CPU load skyrockets on ground maps which results in worse FPS than DX9 and a lot more heat production, it also seems to reload every time i turn my character around -> unplayable

so in DX9 i have the occasional FPS drop in space
and in DX11 i have constant FPS problems on ground

with some luck that DX11 renderer is still being worked on so that i some day will be able to use that.