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05-06-2012, 02:07 PM
Kerrat has many issues.... they are all solvable.

Here is what I would like to see happen with the warzone.

1) Fix the Borg bounding boxes... borg stuck inside things 2 years in is sad.
2) Fix the obvious bugs like the None Stop Warping Borg if you pick on them to much.
3) Add 3 Spawns.... 1 Klink 1 Fed... and 1 For reset... Yes everyone should warp in together its fun. It just shouldn't happen on one sides regular spawn point.
4) KILL the current PvE Game in the zone... and replace it with a PvP game. The PvE Scan and Destroy game now is just a farmers dream setup... and if we where to see Kerrat Stats since launch I would be willing to bet all my ECs that 90%+ of the wins have been by a handful of *Cough* overall wearing accounts.
5) Add a PvP objective..... perhaps a persistent cap and hold style map... where each side would have to capture and hold 3-5 Borg Stations... long enough to run a decryption, retrieve the data and win the map.
6) Reduce the Reward on the daily make it 480 dil or so and retain the daily on it... however add a repeatable mission that rewards a lower amount that has no cool down... like 120 or so... So people that want to hang out there all day an not just for 3 rounds an hour / day... can and will be rewarded for doing so........
One other idea that may be a nightmare to balance properly would be to remove the reward item idea... and replace it with a pool of Dilithium (instead of the repeatable low reward mission)... Winning Side and Loosing side get a percentage of the pot (perhaps the zone could be timed and the longer it goes on the closer it gets to equal amounts)... and then reward it to players based on Kills / Dmg / Healing / Captured points... ect.

Doing something like this with LESS PvE and More PvP could be a good test for I really hope some good open PvP.