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05-06-2012, 05:28 PM
Originally Posted by diogene0
What's the pointof dps when you don't have the S ? Yes, seconds when weapons are actually firing. Beams FTW. You can add ONE torpedo / mine launcher if you really do want one, but it's not required at all.

Also, i would take a look at your bridge officers skills and personnal skills if this ship isn't as resilient as it should be. It's a good tank. You shouldn't die in most situation with it.
I'm currently running 4 turrets and two beams and cover all firing arcs. So far the only two times I have died is thanks to one shot invisitorps. She's tanky enough that I swapped some of my shield heals and buffs for other abilities as she just wasn't taking enough damage to merit all the heals I had stocked.

I run all phasers with purple MKXI tac consoles to boost my firepower. I also run the Point Defense console and with the boost she shreds most anything I come across.