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05-07-2012, 12:16 AM
In short: I'm using some sort of Markov-chain generator when naming my ships.

Longer explanation:

My ship names consist of mostly three or four syllables, and to be 'in tune' with the character flying it the last syllable mostly has a double-vowel in it. The other syllables are usually a diphtong (a combination of a vowel and consonant), but leaving out the 'hard' consonants like 'K' or 'P'. I allow myself slight variations from those "build rules", but not too many.

Complicated, huh?

Actual ship names I use are:


Possible names may include:

Geryon (though I think that's an actual name of a mythical creature)

My character is non-human. And when given the privilege to rename the ship, why choosing a name which has a meaning to humans?

I think that almost guarantees that I don't meet a vessel with the same name as mine. And I can justifiably say I put more imagination behind it than the person behind the xth variation of "Enterprise".