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05-07-2012, 02:54 AM
Ah, Crystalline Fleet Action. The only place that can probably compete to Ker'rat when it comes to lack of attention to glaring problems by Cryptic.
In Ker'rat, they "fixed" only the Daily Mission recently. For the Crystalline Fleet Action, they only changed how you can access it.

I suppose every month or so a new Dev looks at the code and data for these, optimstic he can probably fix the long-standing issues and be a hero to the community, only to be driven mad and run away screaming or cutting himself. When / If he comes back, the other devs probably congratulate him - he survived the initiation and entered the first Circle of the Dev Society. (The later circles probably include bugfixing/optimizing PvP and PvE Queues and visiting the PvP forums)