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Originally Posted by teklionbenrasha
I'm thinking of getting the Galaxy-X. Now, the STOWiki says it's "formidable" and "requires multiple ships working together to destroy it." But comparing it to the Separating Galaxy, which I have now, it seems that when you factor in the lack of an ensign engineer, it's actually worse off on the damage taking front. Am I missing something?
One thing you should note is the 'Requires multiple ships working together to destroy it' seems to refer to the NPC flagships that appear as part of the events, not to the flyable ship (the NPC ship uses shields and resistances unavailable to players as this would make player ships invincible in both PVP and PVE, and is solely used on that ship as it is intended to be engaged by multiple top-end starships and be able to fight them for an extended period of time rather than simply imploding immediately). Though it should be noted that the flyable ship could also require multiple ships to stop it if those ships were of significantly lower types ( A Klingon Bortasqu' or Guramba could probably stand toe-to-toe with it, while a Vor-Cha would need other ships working with it to take it down).

The Dreadnaught is, indeed, formidable. It has a much higher damage potential than any other cruiser (assuming it can employ the Lance), and until the Odyssey class was commissioned had the highest Hull Point total in Starfleet. However, that does not mean it is far better at taking damage than the Galaxy-R, just that it does a similar job in that department while -also- packing a punch that would look good on an escort. If you are only looking at the ship's ability to take damage, it stacks up about the same (though as others have posted, it goes about doing it differently). Probably an Odyssey would do better at just that one job, but the term 'formidable' is meant as a description of the entire ship, not just the one aspect.