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05-07-2012, 09:20 AM
I've been running MkXII polaron duel beam, DHC and a quantum torp on the front with all Mk XII turrets on the back with some success in the STFs.
The one thing I have found extremely useful are the runabouts though, the tractor beams are great for dealing with Probes and slowing the advance of borg BoPs and Raptors on the Kang.
It does mean that I need to concentrate on my front arc though and rely on my runabouts for support and to slow the enemy but I can still throw a lot of damage down range when I need to.

I find that as I'm using a science officer on mine I make full use of the gravity well and rift powers to try and make up for the low turn rate by slowing the enemy down long enough for me to draw a bead on them.

With Photonic Fleet, Scorpion fighters/consumable Peregrines and deploying turrets it means that I can summon a small fleet if need be to support me.

So far it has proven to be a good tank but not really a lot that I can do to help others like I normally do with my cruiser builds. It is very much a case of focusing on the task at hand and trying to help out where I can.

Overall though I'm really enjoying the change of pace and would love to have the Ferengi Missiles on her just for the rule of cool. It has been an extremely enjoyable experience though and great fun.