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05-07-2012, 10:12 AM
So....I've been around the STF space block a bit. Beaten all, elite and normal, gotten objectives yada yada.

Till yesterday I never even tried grounds. So far out of 4 runs, 3 Kitomers and 1 infected, I've had to quit 2 due to suddenly half only a single teammate left.

Just now. First time in Infected ground (normal)- Mission loads with me states "Hi team...first time here...bare with me". I'm running a Sci toon with Medic kit- so I'm healing and such while shooting borg all over the place. It's goig ...decently....till 3 out of 5 get locked OUT of the first boss fight due to force field and ppl rushing. But we manage. By now the bonus is lost, biggy we're going. Get into what I assume is the last room....odd floating borg and shields to take down.

Then 1 team mate beams out after we kill all the borg.

Then we get 3 out of 4 shields down....and next thing I know there's only 2 of us left.

What's the point is quitting by then? I can ALMOST see if it you wanted the bonus objective...but 20 minutes after you lost them?