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05-07-2012, 11:14 AM
CS (Elite or Normal) is usually my first STF choice.

As per the last post, how player's deal with the Kang is a big issue in Cure Space (obviously) and it's always interesting to watch.

For example - played Cure on normal yesterday. The moment it commenced someone in a Vo'quv said:

"Hi - I've got the Kang".

I acknowledged this (was the only other player to do so) and promptly flew off to help deal with the generators etc, but made a point of keeping an eye on what the situation was with the Kang. (Doubt I am the only one who has experienced a player who says "I've got the Kang" but doesn't manage to do so).

Anyway - dealt with a few generator shperes and helped despatch a cube (emphasis 'helped' - my Bellerophon Retrofit isn't big on DPS). Swung around to see how the Kang was doing - it didn't look good from my view - four BOP's circling, with two more on the way, and whilst the Vo'quv seemed to be doing an adequate job of keeping them in check, I decided to assist and despatched one of the BOP's pestering the Kang, which was already weakened from fighting the Vo'quv, then intercepted the approaching ones and ran interference, popping gravity well on them and then despatching them by taking their shields out and finishing them off with torpedoes. Managed to despatch them before they reached firing range of the Kang.

To which "Reyan - I've got the Kang, help the others!" pops up in chat.

Though I wanted to say "you weren't doing a fantastic job of it a few minutes ago" I simply replied "Fair enough" and assisted despatching cube number two.

We made our way toward cube three, although I again took a peep at what was happening with the Kang, which was again being bothered by BOP's. Decideded to make my way over again, as the rest of the group didn't seem to be struggling to take out the Cubes and I considered myself more useful interfering with BOP's and Raptors.

Unfortunately before I managed to get within weapons range the 'optional failed' text appears. Now, to be fair, I'm not sure if it was the Kang's 'health' or the timer that caused this (though fairly sure it was the Kang's health) but eitherway, "Crap guys" appears on the chat screen.

So I reply "so lets just make sure we don't fail the entire mission". No reply, and we did manage to complete the mission, but still......