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# 305 Oh Goodie.
05-07-2012, 01:11 PM
There I was...

I didn't really figure I'd do any other STF's today. I need to ride out to the golf course and deliver an application.

But Nooooooo...

After getting my afternoon Doff missions together I 'accidentally' enter another CSN.

I come in, say 'Hi' as I always do.

I see three oddy's and an escort.

Now, every time I see an oddy I fear the worst because that's what usually comes from an oddy.

But there are three so I figure I'll be doing most of the work, maybe with some help from the escort.

Two of the oddys fly off to the Kang, the rest of us go to the first cube.

And what do I see? Nothing but rainbow, technicolor beams and skittles cannons.

I kill a BoP and a couple nodes and look back to the Kang.

It's swarmed.

Now, I really didn't want to be there in the first place so I just say 'Ahhh Heck with it' and and keep on with the nodes.

I finish the first cube with little less or no help from the other two.

I say 'Have any of you ever read the forums about setting up your ships?'

No responce.

So I fly over to the second cube, all the others have gone to the Kang.

I type 'Have any of you ever read the forums at all?'

No responce.

I kill a couple ships and the nodes then the cube.

I type 'Can any of you read?'

The optional goes boom.

Someone says 'Stupid noobes!'

I type 'Really? Technicolor Rainbow beams and Skittles cannons and you're calling people noobes?'

No responce.

I zip over to the third cube and it gets dispatched pretty quick.

Now for the carrier.

It wasn't much different than most but two guys were now going hard at it about everyone being noobes.

I type again ' 'Really? Technicolor Rainbow beams and Skittles cannons and you're calling people noobes?'

Someone says 'I have every energy type and that's the best way to do it.'

I say 'Really? You might want to read the forums about that.'

He say's '*%$# the forums. I've been doing this since February and I don't need the forums. My ship is the best one here.' (I cut out all the cuss words)

I say 'Let's go tard, One on One.'

No responce.

He gathers his loot and leaves.

I send a private challange.

No responce.

So goes my day and I'm off to the Golf Course.