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05-07-2012, 03:29 PM
Here's one I've been toying with... recreating some of those great old Klingon myths as "holodeck programs."

Not sure if we can use Kahless and Molor (Kahless' clone appeared in canon and Molor is in STO already), but we could certainly make up our own myths in the Klingon style, you know... great mythological battles exaggerated all to h-ll with "The battle raged for 12 days and 12 nights and the rivers ran red with blood." Usually with some sort of lesson at the end.

My thought was to make it a "holodeck" program, with an intro with the holodeck asset that disappears into whatever first map is, and the player taking on the role of a mythical Klingon figure of the time (the characters react to them as if they are that figure like they do in the series). This way it can be Fed and Klink, you'd just have to use Bob's idea of importing and re-purposing.

It would need to be grand in scale, with lots of bloody mayhem. Can be space and ground since the Klinks have had space travel for quite a long time. But needs a great story too otherwise its just grind.

Visualize Kor telling the story in Quark's bar, quite drunk and hamming it up beyond all belief.

As I think about it, this would be a great one for a community series, everyone make a classical Klingon myth holodeck program, put some sort of tag before the mission title. Only requirement would be that it be a Klingon history story, start out on the Holodeck, and maybe we could choose one entry door to use for all of them in the first city and on either ESD or SFA.