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05-07-2012, 03:52 PM
Originally Posted by Deoin
There are a few Items from the pack that I want. But most of it I could care less about. I don't buy shuttles, I don't buy Duty Officers.

I want the Admiral's uniform (aught to be included in the TNG Movie uniform anyway, but I'll deal) separately.

And if there are Cardassian Duty Officers then what's stopping Cardassians from rising to the ranks of Bridge Officer or even Captain? (ie: Can we have Cardassian BOs and the option to choose Cardassian during Character Creation, please?)

An one else wondering why these items come only in the pack with everything else?

Love you guys, I just don't want to buy a single uniform (effectively) for 1800 points.

Let me know if these are in the plans
Technically, you can make a perfect Cardiassian using the Aliengen options.