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There I was....

Am I a glutton for punishment or what.

I mean, I could be halfway to St George right now on my bike.

I could be in Sturgis checking out the hot chicks.

But Noooooo....

I choose to set here playing this silly game.

Somewhere along to line today I decided I needed to replace two of my heavy cannons with regular duals.

So I needed a couple prototypes.

I cue up an ISE.

Now Cryptic, in their infinate wisdom, changed the hud. So now when I go into space I get one of two displays. The original with the fire buttons or the new one without the fire buttons.

I get into the PuG and see I have the hud without buttons.

Lucky for me I have my mouse set up to fire but I prefer the buttons on the hud.

I See that the Pug is three oddys and a Galaxy.

Now the Galaxy is the only other ship in the fleet that is comparativily as bad as an oddy.

I say 'Hi' like I usually do.

So everyone is firing away with technicolor rainbow beams. All is going relativily well.

The first set of nodes and generator die properly with a minimum number of spheres spawning.

All is going relitivily well.

But I see that the spheres and nanites are not dying.

So I type my usual 'Please take your weapons off stun.'

I get too close to the gate and get killed.

I respawn.

Now I have the Hud with buttons. Yippee...

So I return to the group and join the kill.

I see the Galaxy and an oddy go boom.


The Spears are finished before the other two get back.

It took an unusually long time to finish the Spheres and I didn't figure we could finish the optional on time.


We all head off to side two,

The Cube dies and I turn to knock down a node.

Three oddys are behind me shooting the nodes and a Galaxy on the other side working on a node.

Boom, the oddys killed both nodes they where working on early.

I kill mine immediatly and try to shoot the one the Gslasxy was working at.

The Galaxy's node is still at 80% so I'm firing away at it.

The three oddys are shooting the generator.

I say 'There's still a node alive.'

They just keep shooting the generator.

The node finally dies but i get killed.

I heal and respawn and head back to the Generator.

Now I have no fire buttons again.

There are sphears and nanites all over.

I start working on them and watch two oddys die.

Now my mouse locks up.

I;me leaving a slowww ugly mouse trail and have a ton of lag in the buttons.

I get killed.

75 seconds later I respawn.

Now I have buttons,

I fly back, mouse still lagging but I can click on the hud fire butons..

We finish the gate and are working on the cube.

I die.

Forever later I respawn, No hud buttons.

The oddys all get killed so I try to set 9.5 K out from the cube and keep firing.

It doesn't work and my mouse is so bad I can't do much with my heals.

I get killed.

I come back about a month later and the Cube had actually healled a little.

I have hud firnig buttons again.

I see the Galaxy and two oddys die.

Finally after about three weeks of shooting the cube dies.

Everybody says GG.



Oh Well...