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05-07-2012, 06:20 PM
Originally Posted by veldrane View Post
Could they possibly suffer from the same crowd out problem with the colonization renown? There are a lot of common medical assignmentsthat are always available, much like the colonial assignments.
i think you might have something there... i leveled all my mains to T4 the past couple of weeks. There were always like 20 medical missions everywhere you went. But there might only be a couple even worth doing. ALways seemed like there were 10-15 "someone has a boo boo". Frankly I dont think those should show in sector at all and should be relegated to sick bay.

But like Ive been saying for weeks I havent seen the repeats since they at least when they added the shipboard board officers. and trust me I looked. I spent a couple of days going to nearly every sector every reset and looking and they never appeared. It was always the first missions or "use gamma commedities for so and so".

I ve asked around and no one I have spoken to has seen one either in the past few weeks.