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05-07-2012, 08:50 PM
Originally Posted by Geoff_484
I can't remember where I heard this so I don't have anything to quote or link, but I read something about how much of a problem developing the Featured Episodes were becoming and that they were becoming more and more expensive with each series. I remember before my hiatus from this game the FE was the big thing, it sounded like we were going to end up in a state where we would get these awesome missions on a regular basis.

It would really be a shame if this was being replaced by all the time slotted mini-missions.

Can we get some closure on this? Has the development of featured episodes dropped on the list of priorities underneath lock boxes and mini-missions?
They haven't come right out and said, They aren't going to do any more...

But it sure sounds that way.

The FE's don't make Cryptic/PWE enough money to constitute their spending the amount of time and effort to make them.

Lock Box Content is a lot more profitable and easier to create.

In other words to Them...

We're sheep and They know we just can't help ourselves when a spiffy new patch of lawn becomes available.


This old ram, is getting full up to here... with manure covered grass.