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05-07-2012, 11:41 PM
Originally Posted by meisterbabylon View Post
Birds-of-Prey, Raptors and Defiant-class escorts average 150m, and all have T5 variants, whereas the NX-01 is 255m long.

Size is not the problem for having a T5 starter ship, its the technology that's able to be loaded on them. I may have made the original post, but I myself am divided over either the Constituition or NX-01 getting a full retrofit.

Realistically, if I allowed a retrofit, they'd all turn into T5 Science Vessels given their size and weight. The Constituition would be a bit more tanky (less than the Nebula), and the NX-01 would be the T5 science vessel that can load dual cannons, if this format is to be followed.
We have the problem of several ships on T5 than not must be here. Please, don't do that mistake at full scale.

NX-01 even never must see on any tier. They "do" a "replica" from an anging desing with new technology that is more than a retrofit. NX-01 retrofit exist she is the replica.

How you can compare the NX-01 with a nebula if NX-01 can't be compare with TOS Constitution class (see 4x17 and 4x18 of Enterprise).

Too bad is have "Excelsior refits" on tier 5 outside from her natural place (tier 2 or 3).

Someone can think on do any comparation between NX-01 and MVAM or with Voyager retrofit (maybe even she must outside from tier 5, but in that chase exist arguments on both sides) or you see the NX-01 fighting against Sovereing, Oddyssey, StarCruiser, Luna class, and the rest. Even defiant Retrofit can be outside from tier 5 (Sao Paulo have more right to be here).

On Voyager (7x14) we see how even a D7 against the Voyager and she don't have any option to fight against the more moderm ship. And I can sure you, NX-01 isnt rival to D7.

Gratefull must be NX-01 with have a "replica/retrofit" on tier 1.

On same way we can retrofit the Phoenix and create a new "advance" starfighter more deadly than peregrine or advance delta flyers (it is a ironic joke... ok, Cryptic?)

Please, left die in peace to the old ships.

Thanks to everybody for the fun, sorry for my bad english.