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05-07-2012, 11:28 PM
Ultimately i don't understand how featured series can not be financially viable to do ? They are getting tons of money flung at them at the moment with the kitty carriers and the lockboxes, so where is that money going ???

Also with what i have seen in all the featured series (deferi, devidians, romulans and the cardiassians), there is nothing special about them, the graphics are barely decent by todays standards, the script writing is moderate at best (horrific at worst), the map levels are nothing to write home about (the last featured series pretty much only had 1 new map, the rest was recycled or polished old stuff) and the less said about the voice acting the better.... I really don't see how all the bland averageness about them costs so much to do... In fact i have seen better designed mods with better looking art assets for other games (for free i might add).

Here is my take on why its not financially viable to do the featured series, most of the money is being sent elsewhere (probably to fund neverwinter and their other mysterious unnamed game). All STO is to cryptic is a quick cash grab to try and milk as much money as possible for as little dev effort as possible, which would explain why the STO team always seems to be understaffed or never has enough staff and why just about every patch seems to break something new, because STO is being done on the cheap.

It also explains why every single upcoming new thing seems to be multiplayer time gated maps, because they are the easiest and cheapest fluff content to do.

Ultimately seeing all the cash grab and the way the game isnt set up with enough content to keep players interested, does not make me want to reward cryptic by giving them my money !