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05-08-2012, 12:47 AM
you can leave and come back yes

Right "kicking warbirds 101"

firstly this warbird is "plot" thus the damn thing hides and heals and does all kinds of nasty tricks

stay at LEAST 6k away from it (use repulsors if you have them)
Approach only from the sides (never aft if you can avoid it)
Deliver torpedo strikes (ideally plasma) and sweeping attacks then pull out of the way
When the tractor locks on use polarised hull if you have it
when the torps trigger any "rapid fire" , "Fire at will" or "spread" you have can go a long way to slowing them down.
It can't fly or fire through the shield polygons so if you need to heal put one of those between you
If you mount any sort of mines forget em

My best hints there

oh and if you can get directly UNDER her she can't torp you