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05-08-2012, 01:15 AM
Why Deep Space fleet is the best choice for a casual player :

We love the game and we enjoy it together, some of us are casual players, so we understand very well what this means, we respect the rule Real Life has priority.

+ the fleet has a core of experienced players, that can help if you a are not so experienced when have trouble with missions

+ most of us are adults so we treat others with respect and consideration, we know how to joke or when is the time to be serious

+ we regular supply the fleet bank with One Hour Skill/Experience Boos so you can level up quickly, if you want

+ we do fleet actions and PVE together, so even inexperienced players can enjoy this kind of group playing in a fun and easy way

+ everyone can join fleet events so anyone has chances to win from fleet a special prize, more entertain then even the game can offer

+ the blog has and will have more content that will include tutorials and interesting facts about the game

+ the fleet help its members with materials for crafting

+ like more unusual events ? we have it : fleet fun events, show your ship - just add a new combination of colors and consoles so your ship can look different and present it to fleet

+ no fees or taxes

there are many more reasons to like our fleet/s if you are a casual player and i will let you discover them after you join us

thank you