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I posted this same question a few weeks ago in the general STO subforum but I got no answers there. Let's try here, hoping more Fed aldmirals take a look around this forum...

Well, now with the question: I'm thinking about purchasing the Tier 5 Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit (the higher tier Excelsior retrofit) in the C-Store.

It is supposed to have an integrated Advanced Transwarp Drive (no console like before F2P or like the current T3 Excelsior, but with the ability embedded into the hull itself).
This Advanced Transwarp Drive does not only allow fast travel between six sectors, but also, as reading the description in the C-Store:
- "The Advanced Transwarp Drive also offers a constant passive bonus to Starship Energy Weapon Performance, Starship Shield Performance, Starship Engine Performance and Starship Auxiliary Performance which scales with level. "
For what I've seen on the latest SpiderMitch ship chart, this embedded ability is supposed to grant (at max level) about +7.6 extra power to all subsystems.

But after reading the forums looking for setups and info on the Excelsior, I stepped by some threads saying that this power bonuses are *NOT* being added at all, in what seems to be a bug (or a nerf?).
(For example, here ->, and more precisely the problem is detailed in the first post of the third page ->

Before spending real money into the ship, I would like to know if that bug report is true and the T5 Excel indeed lacks the extra power bonus (or it may be fixed now, as the threads mentioning this are a few months old).

Thanks in advance for the answers. Regards