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05-08-2012, 05:07 AM
Originally Posted by meisterbabylon View Post
Birds-of-Prey, Raptors and Defiant-class escorts average 150m, and all have T5 variants, whereas the NX-01 is 255m long.

Size is not the problem for having a T5 starter ship, its the technology that's able to be loaded on them. I may have made the original post, but I myself am divided over either the Constituition or NX-01 getting a full retrofit.

Realistically, if I allowed a retrofit, they'd all turn into T5 Science Vessels given their size and weight. The Constituition would be a bit more tanky (less than the Nebula), and the NX-01 would be the T5 science vessel that can load dual cannons, if this format is to be followed.
Yeah, but you see a 255m long ship be comparable to the Vo'quv in abilities? I don't.

As for ships being there that shouldn't...

Excelsior is a highly modular, easily upgraded ship. Just like the Miranda. It being tier 5 could work, as it's a long-serving ship and was constantly upgraded to match the times. And it was able to do so. I mean, okay being able to be just as good as a sovereign or Odyssey? maybe not. But it's still good enough to be a mainline cruiser.

NX retrofit/replica's at tier 0/1 are the old frame and design, newer tech. More useful as a training ship then an actual frontline ship. I say this because the NX design, unlike Miranda or Excelsior, wasn't really designed to have entire parts swapped out for newer things. Like the phase cannon assemblies. You can't just smack a brand new 25th century phaser in their place. Or the warp core even, the design of it's engineering would require a variant to hold the warp core, or that entire area rebuilt.

Also... NX-01 = the Enterprise of that class. It's actual name is the NX class ships.

Edit: However, I do agree that it'd be nice to see more new ship designs for higher tiers.