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05-08-2012, 07:55 AM
Originally Posted by neofenn View Post
Well ive just reached Commander L25. And I'm still going strong with my Rhode Island class The St Leonard. Where with stronger enemies, i find some strategy comes into play, and it is most certainly not a ship to go in all weapons blazing it still has my affection. I've commissioned an Olympic type ship, that has only been used in time travel missions, sticking to my own story of my characters, and a reasonable explanation why a Commander may be required in-between two vessels. So where i plan on taking Command of new ship when i reach captain, i hope to keep that for a long time before hopefully taking on a new cruiser cryptic may come up with in a year or two's time
I'm with you - I'm at L50 but still have my Rhode-Island class from when I was at the lower levels. Used that little ship for ages - actually skipped the Commander-level ships in favour of staying with my Rhode Island. Didn't actually 'decomission' it until I reached Captain, at which time temptation got the better of me and I purchased a Bellerophon class.

I use a Tier5 Bellerohpon now, although have fitted MkXI everything to my old Rhode Island and still bring her out for the occasional Starbase 24 or Mirror event mission.