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05-08-2012, 11:29 AM
No offense, but I disagree.

I've been using my Bellerophon (Intrepid) Retro for months now and I absolutely love it.

It's fair to say that, as per pretty much any of the STO ships, a great deal depends on how you set it up. For example, mine has:

Two MKXI purple [Borg] photon torpedo launchers
One Forward MKXI purple [Borg] phaser array (to faciliate the sub-system targeting ability)

Two MkXI purple [Borg] phaser turrets
One MkXI purple [Borg] photon torpedo launcher

Mk XI Omega Shield
Mk XI Omega Engine
Borg Deflector

Ablative Armor generator
Assimilated Borg Console
Point Defense Console
MkXI purple photon detonation chamber
MkXI Purple Flow Capacitor
MkXI Blue Phaser relay
And something else that I can't recall right now!

Anyway, I fare pretty well in STF's; I don't get taken out too often thanks to the defensive setup and using buffs.
I can weaken enemy shields using my array and turrets combined with subsystem shield targeting, and since photon torpedoes reload faster than quantums I can fire off a very good number of them, almost constantly, straight into the enemy ship's hull. And I seldom ever need the Ablative armor generator - to be honest, I only ever really use it when STF 'boss' ships are on their last legs - I can stay close to them and if they hit 0% whilst I am still flying close, flip the armor swich and the explosion is practically harmless.

But there is a much more comprehensive (and superior) build detailed in this thread:
none taken, personally i think thats the only valid way to fly a sci vessel as you posted it. I just wanted to inform the other guy that he is better off with a different ship. And mostly not to take a second sci vessel.
I suggested to him to buy an escort, because i do very, very well with my sci in an escort. It's easy and beginner friendly.

PS: personally i think you would be better off with a dual beam bank in front...the turnrate of the intrepid is sufficent to bring those on target. atleast for stf's.