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05-08-2012, 04:42 PM
For starters, you want to get 2 copies of Tactical Team I (TT) (don't bother with versions 2 or 3). With 2 copies, you'll have near-constant up time of Tac Team for damage and automatic shield rotation.

I wouldn't suggest using Fire at Will (FAW) in an Escort because, frankly, you shouldn't have any beam arrays loaded up to begin with. At most you may want one Dual Beam Bank (DBB) if you're running a Beam Overload (BO) ability, but since you already seem to have torps instead (you generally don't want both Torps and BO), you'll have more damage output with Turrets in your aft slots and Cannons (DHCs) in your fore slots along with your torp. You should then replace your FAW with another copy of Cannon Rapid Fire (CRF) to run those along side your Tac Teams at a near-constant rate.

The only other suggestion I'd make is replacing Jam Sensors with Transfer Shield Strength (TSS)--or, alternatively, going with Hazard Emitters I (HE) and TSS II.

Reverse Shield Polarity is a good ability, but you may want to try a second copy of Emergency Power to Shields (EPtS) in its place, as it will be available much more often than RSP is.