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05-08-2012, 06:08 PM
Originally Posted by ZeroniusRex
We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • Pressing Escape and changing maps will no longer cause the power tray to change positions.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented dragging powers to the power trays.
  • Foundry authors should get better results when setting up dialog trees with Bridge Officers, especially on the Klingon side.
  • Updated tooltips and descriptions for some carrier pets to resolve some typos.
  • Improved the version of tractor beam for each version of the Runabout carrier pet.
Seriously? It wasnt bad enough you gave pets the ability to spam tractor beam? now your making it MORE POWERFULL? Do u even consider the implications of things like this? 8 of these things throwing out tractor beams was already bad enough, but now there even better at it? Sometimes i really don't think any of you at cryptic play your own game....