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05-08-2012, 08:02 PM
I believe the OP meant changing characters instead of running back to the main window and being forced to relog and reinitialize the game. I use an older weaker computer, so that whole process takes a good 3 minutes.

In Wow, /exit exits the client, then /logout and /camp gets me back to the character selection screen. It allows me to bypass having to relog and reinitialize the game client just to change characters. Right now, I usually have the game client running, and the PWE launcher logged in in the background so that I can save time when I switch characters to doffjob. This saves the PWE launcher time, but still does not solve the problem of reinitializing the entire game client just to change characters.

This problem is made more acute when I d/c. To relog, I have to shut down the game client, load the PWE launcher, wait for THAT to log in, reinitialize the client from the launcher, wait for that to log in, then climb into my character. That wait really hurts!

(Please don't tell me to just play wow. I usually run Wow and STO concurrently as I do doffjobs between dungeons and raids. I'd like to consider WoW as a really cool holodeck game. :p)