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# 1 How do I kill Fek'lhr?
05-08-2012, 11:03 PM
Finally loaded the Klingon story missions out of boredom, on the last of the Hell missions (i'm not gonna try and spell it), got to Tubby McLoincloth and I can't kill the *****. The 3 spirits were annoying enough with their near-instant-kill AOE attack, and now this guy has that plus 40,000 HP and no respect for personal space. He drops that AOE attack once, TPK, and gets all his HP back. Level 50 tac officer with a Squad Leader kit, phaser shotgun, Jem'Hadar set. My crew is 4 guys with disruptor compression pistols.

Is there any trick that makes this guy easy? And if so can I do it without have to go re-gear and do the whole stupid mission all over again?