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05-08-2012, 11:10 PM
Originally Posted by sean2448
simple fix for space go carrier fed or KDF

you don't die as much in those when set up right
Its not the ships that people use, its the people that use the ships; you can have the most basic build with a player that knows how to fly their build and benifit the team the most, or you can can have a ship with the most OP build and have a player that knows nothing bout how to get the most out of it and not help the team.. you choose.. I would prefer the former and have a successful run due to team work without the headaches of a zerging teammate.

With teamwork, knowing the firing arcs and aggro ranges of the mobs aswell as hit and run tactics, you can avoid the DTP in space, on ground this is where the engi and sci medics come in handy to help keep the team alive (that and smart use of line of sight tactics when you can)