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05-09-2012, 01:19 AM
Originally Posted by lokkenjp
Every ship from Rear Admiral - Lower Half and up is considered Tier 5 (that is level 41 and up). Sovereign class, for example (Assault Cruisers).

As far as I know, even Vice Almiral ships (top notch ones, like Odyssey, the Dreadgnough, Multivector, the new Caitian, ... ) are considered also Tier 5, as they are usually just very small improvements over the RA ships.

Back on topic... No Excelsior owner can tell me about the Power Bonus? Is this ship such an unpopular one?

Quite the opposite, the Excel refit is a very popular choice for alot of Tac Captains and i loved the transwarp ability to shoot whereever i needed to leap to DS9, but since getting the Galor, i must admit that i definately have shelved my Excel and honestly never really looked at the innate power bonus.