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05-09-2012, 02:38 AM
4 cannons is a too big power drain.

3 cannons (2DHC, 1DC) + torpedo. It seems to me that DHC and DC fire on different with one DC in the middle you have less power drain = more dps

for tactical captains i suggest 2DHC and a DBB for beam overload a great alpha strike. had 100k crit once on a tactical cube (it had a mass of fire on my mark, sensor scan, AP beta, AP delta on it)

personally i fly with my sci 2 DHC+DC+quantum launcher and on my tactical 1 DHC+DC+DBB

the only problem is you don't have that right hook(Torp) to finish off your target.
he is right, consider that a torpedo can crit for 12k or more and uses no energy.paired with a high yield or spreadyou can deal massive amount of dmg. But the biggest problem for a 4 cannon built is the massive energy drain. A volley of those cannons drains 48 weapon energy...the last cannon has to deal with 36 less weapon energy, if you add now a distance penalty to it you as well fire blanks^^