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05-09-2012, 04:28 AM

Thanks for this great guide.
Nevertheless, I have a question about Weapons Power level.

Right now I'm running a 6-beamed cruiser with standard 121 weapon power (100 profile plus console/abilities bonuses).
This config result in my Weapon Power level going down to about 71 when firing a full broadside (121 -50 for the 6 beams fired).
So far so good.

Then come the Emergency Power to Weapons Boff abilities. I know Weapons Power is capped at 125, so, when using EPW 1 (+15 Weapons power level), which one is the correct scenario?:

- Base power 121, then add +15 power, resulting in 125 (hard-capped), and then -50 for the broadside, resulting in 6 beams firing at 75 Weapon power.
- Base power 121, drained by -50 for the broadside to 71, but then adding the +15 from EPW, resulting in 6 beams firing at 86 Weapon power.

Both options are radically different, so it'll be very handy to know which one is the correct one for planning future upgrades.