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Originally Posted by cddiede View Post
The ship YOU are talking about is the USS Hathaway. A constellation class ship just like the Stargazer was. The Stargazer itself was towed to Xendi Starbase 9 at the conclusion of the TNG episode "The Battle".
Oh, I had to go back and watch that episode again! I stand corrected about the ships name. It was indeed a Constellation ship though.

Fun fact: The Stargazer was originally called a Constitution class starship when the episode was filmed. When it was found that the Enterprise A model was unavailable for filming, the Stargazer model was built from AMT/Ertl and Robotech model kit bashes.

LeVar Burton was brought in to ADR over his originally shot dialog and they chose the name "Constellation Class" since it fit the filmed lip flap.
Oh cool!

Look at it this way. The ship tech is too old to support the more advanced (higher-rank) abilities. Problem solved.
I do not buy into that explanation one iota! The fact of the matter is, the Bridge Officer Abilities seem to have very little to do with the Star ship system capabilities specific to the more modern Class Starships.

What I mean by that is what Bridge Officer Abilities are in game that would logically not be able to be performed by earlier designed Star Ships? Each ship has emergency batteries, auxiliary power, science teams, tactical teams and engineering teams. Each ship has torpedo launchers, thrusters, energy weapon arrays etc. What would logically prevent a Miranda Class Starship from reversing its shield polarity?

Furthermore, some of the lower Tier Starships are contemporaries of Ships like the Galaxy Class and Sovereign Class Starships. What of them? Do you feel those ships simply canít keep up either? No, I donít accept your short sighted cop-out explanation.

Secondly, it doesnít even make good sense from a games mechanical perspective, to limit lower tier Ships in Bridge Officer abilities. Allowing all Ships in the game regardless of Tier 12 Bridge Officer Abilities based on their specific role would NOT make the lower Tier Starships better or equal to the Higher Tier Vessels that have more HP, better modifiers, more console upgrade slots, more device slots and more weapon slots.