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05-09-2012, 08:44 AM
Originally Posted by Eulif_Davis
I can do this all day. There's literally a littany of reasons why things are the way they are, and why it's a bad idea to "upgrade" older vessels in this way. I can make arguments from a canon standpoint, a "common sense" standpoint, or a design-decision standpoint. Take your pick if you really want to continue.
I’ve got it then…

What would you personally prefer happen during your gaming experience, a player bring his/her Tier I/II Starship into an STF or open PVP match under the current system that prevents players from being allowed to use all of their Bridge Officer Abilities (up to twelve), or the proposed system? A System that allows everyone to use up too twelve Bridge Officer Abilities based on ship roles (Escort, Science, Cruiser), regardless of what Ship they are in? Oh I know, you’d prefer that people be prevented from using their favorite ships in specific content such as OPVP and STFs…

However, as it is now, people like me will want to play the game in their favorite ships! After all, that is why we play the game at all. To get a Star Trek game experience that is both fun and reasonably representative of the IP!

The game we wish to play includes everything! From PVP, STF, Warzones, PVE etc. So, if I did bring my Miranda Class Light Cruiser into a PVP match, don’t you complain if you get teamed up with me! Just don’t do it! It will have the maximum gear that is allowed. MKXII weapons, shields and etc.! If that makes the mission harder on you and everyone else, oh well! If only I had a few more Bridge Officer Abilities, say like, High Yield Torpedo III or since a Miranda is a light Cruiser, Extend Shields III, things might not be so bad. See you in the Ques!