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Just got to DOFF marauding Level 4 yesterday evening and acme across the following issues with the Bridge officer (from the Fed faction) that you can claim.

I had completed the similar task under the Fed side a long time ago, and decided one of my KDF newer characters could do with a fed brdige officer. So using an older KDF character that was already nearing marauding Level 3, i started grinding through DOFF mission of the last few weeks.
Finally I got the bridge officer only to find that Cryptic had made the officer bound to my character so I couldnt mail it to my newer KDF character as I wanted to do. This suprised me, as on the Fed side, i was able to do and also but some on the exchange, but that was about 6months ago and I didnt realy notice a chnage stated on the release notes. Thus my first annoyance.

Because I couldnt trade, I added the officer to my older KDF character, and when to customise, again only to find a second issue. The character is bugged, so non of the customisation i want to make is accepted. As crytic is ignoring the KDF in favore of Fed fixes, this issue is probably not on their to do list period.

Finally, I had a look at the unifom custimisation, to find, you guessed in another issue. Though this one is my own personal grievance. The only uniforms you can use are off duty ones, I was expecting on duty uniforms too. My reason is that a KDF officer on the FED side has the full KDF uniform (I know they dont have off duty ones), so what is the harm in having full uniforms the other way round. Things dont make sense on the Fed side so whay try to make sence on the KDF side.

All in all disappointed, after all the time spent on a specific DOFF missions over the last number of weeks. Cryptic, please try to address in some shape or form.