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Personally I run x3 DHC, x1 Quantum torp and I find this setup to be very effective. Throw in a HY3 and a RF3 and I watch as the Cube I'm soloing in Cure Space Elite just melts before my eyes.

The fact of the matter is that people will argue until the end of time about power drain. There are those out there that say x3 DCs or x2 DHC, x1 DC are best because x3 DHC have too much power drain too while I think thats a load of bunk and x3 DHCs are best.

The truth is you want the torp for the kinetic damage. Pop a CRF3 and drop a shield facing, then THY3 him right up the impulse tail pipe and watch the fireworks. The cannon loadout is up to you though you should have at least x2 DHCs and make sure your cannons and turrets are all the same energy type. Also if you're gonna PvP stay away from plasma as endgame shields are mostly STF shields, and they have bonuses against plasma damage. Plasma is fine for STFs and PvE of course.